Jake Paul Nabs 4th Pro Boxing Win, Toppling Tyron Woodley In Split Decision

By 08/30/2021
Jake Paul Nabs 4th Pro Boxing Win, Toppling Tyron Woodley In Split Decision

Controversial YouTuber-turned-pro boxer Jake Paul has taken home his fourth straight win, defeating former UFC champ Tyron Woodley via a split decision last night in Cleveland.

The win was not as decisive — or quick — as Paul’s previous knockouts against the likes of former NBA star Nate Robinson and former MMA world champion Ben Askren. Paul noted in a post-fight press conference that it was the first time that he’d fought for longer than four minutes, into eight rounds.

ESPN notes that, in the fourth round, Woodley delivered a massive blow that threw Paul against the ropes — though the 24-year-old was able to rally, remaining dominant throughout the rest of the bout.

“I didn’t fight my best tonight,” Paul said at the press conference. “I give myself a C-minus. It’s my first time fighting in front of a crowd since my first amateur fight.”

ESPN reports that a rematch could be in the works — if Woodley succumbs to Paul’s demand that he get a tattoo that says, ‘I Love Jake Paul’. Another potential opponent in the U.K. is Tommy Fury, a pro boxer and reality TV star who fought in yesterday’s undercard and defeated Anthony Taylor in a four-round unanimous decision. Taylor is an MMA fighter who is also one of Paul’s sparring partners.

Paul’s top boxing adviser, Nakisa Bidarian, told ESPN that Paul will resume training in his gym in Puerto Rico beginning Sept. 13 with the goal of fighting again before year’s end.