TikTok Teams With Canva And Vimeo To Help Small Businesses Make Faster, Better Ads

By 08/16/2021
TikTok Teams With Canva And Vimeo To Help Small Businesses Make Faster, Better Ads

TikTok has announced integrations with graphic design and video platforms Canva and Vimeo to help small business advertisers with their creative processes and to streamline publication.

First, Canva has partnered with the platform to provide 50 TikTok ad templates (pictured above) — thus reducing the time and cost it would take to design ad creative from scratch. And creators using Canva’s Publish End Points tool, which allows users on Canva to publish their creations to other platforms, will now be able to publish their ads directly to TikTok.

Next, small businesses using Vimeo’s AI-driven video production tool called Vimeo Create — which the company says facilitates the speedy creation of high-impact social videos — will now be able to publish directly to the TikTok Ad Manager. At the same time, TikTok and Vimeo have collaborated on custom video ad templates within Vimeo Create, according to the company, so that businesses can create TikTok ads even more seamlessly.


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TikTok’s partnership with Vimeo was announced last month.

Amid the integrations, Canva and Vimeo have been named TikTok Marketing Partners, which refers to an approved roster of tech companies who are pioneering advertising solutions — including creation, implementation, and measurement — for the TikTok community at large. Both lie within the just-formed Creative Tools subcategory of TikTok’s list.

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities, and we’re always thinking of new ways to help them create, connect and thrive on TikTok,” Melissa Yang, TikTok’s head of ecosystem partnerships, said in a statement. “Our partnerships with Vimeo and Canva not only save time and streamline creative processes, but yield tangible results for small businesses owners looking to reach new audiences after such a challenging year.”

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