FaZe Clan Signs Budding ‘Call Of Duty’ Streamer Kalei Renay

By 06/03/2021
FaZe Clan Signs Budding ‘Call Of Duty’ Streamer Kalei Renay

FaZe Clan has added Call Of Duty streamer Kalei Renay to its illustrious roster; the 21-year-old will henceforth stream under the moniker FaZe Kalei.

To fete her signing, Kalei will be playing Warzone on her Twitch channel today with fellow FaZe stars FaZe Rain, FaZe Temperrr, and FaZe Adapt. In a release, FaZe said Kalei caught its eye because of her competitive energy and next-level work ethic, given that she streams 10 to 12 hours daily.

In addition to her 640,000 followers across all platforms, Kalei plays electric guitar and piano, and is also a vocal mental health advocate, having lost her uncle to suicide.

“It’s really a dream come true to join FaZe,” she said in a statement. “For me, this is a moment to say ‘f-ck you’ to all the people who didn’t believe in me or thought my personality was an obstacle. FaZe encourages me to be myself and believes I can achieve success without watering down my weirdness.”

As part of the recruitment process, Kalei has been attending the newly-established FaZe Academy for the past several months, which tutors prospective members on the history of the brand, cultural and sensitivity training, code of conduct review, media training, mental health awareness, content strategy and creation, and audience development.

You can check FaZe Kalei’s announcement video below.