Adult Card Game ‘What Do You Meme?’ Launches Official TikTok Edition

By 10/26/2020
Adult Card Game ‘What Do You Meme?’ Launches Official TikTok Edition

What Do You Meme?, the adult-aged card game that sees players competing to become crowned ‘Meme Queen’ or ‘King’ by matching photo cards and caption cards in order to concoct funny meme combinations, has launched a brand new collaboration with TikTok.

The game startup, which previously pacted with Bretman Rock on a limited edition card pack, has launched its TikTok Edition online as well as in-store at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

“It’s been really fun to get our creators involved giving them this opportunity,” TikTok’s director of strategic partnerships, Jessica Wong, wrote in a LinkedIn post about the launch. “Plus, what we are most proud of is the added feature where each photo card has a TikCode (TikTok QR Code) on the back so that when you scan with your TikTok app, it will take you to the original creator video.”

The game, targeting players aged 17 and up — and which requires at least three participants to play — includes 300 caption cards, and 50 photo cards that players must use to concoct TikTok memes, with a rotating judge selecting the funniest winner in each round. While Rock’s expansion pack features images of his likeness in order to create memes, the TikTok Edition features cards with the platform’s most popular creators.

So, for instance, a player might play a ‘Brittany Broski‘ photo card — the creator best known for her ‘Kombucha Girl’ meme. Then, players must choose various captions to best suit Broski’s facial expression — ‘When you realize the starving artist you like has rich parents’, for instance, or ‘When your mom hired a male babysitter for the night’.

What Do You Meme? TikTok Edition is priced at $25. The company also vends other games and products, including the kid-friendly Silly Poopy’s Hide & Seek, and pop culture-inspired pool floats.