YouTube Music Spins Up Global Charts Based On Video View Count

By 10/05/2020
YouTube Music Spins Up Global Charts Based On Video View Count

YouTube Music has added global charts that will let listeners spin up top trending content from around the world.

“For the very first time, YouTube Music users will be able to directly engage with the most popular music from 57 countries,” YouTube said in a blog post about the update.

YouTube is tracking five categories for each country: top songs, top music videos, top artists, top genres, and Trending, which functions just like the Trending tab on YouTube main.

While users can listen to songs on YouTube Music without watching any video content, the platform’s charts are still tabulated using view counts on videos rather than loop counts on songs. For example, it comes up with the weekly top song chart by looking at how many total video views each track has accumulated on YouTube. “Total video views” counts all views on all videos that use the full version of the song, including official music and lyric video uploads, as well as user-uploaded videos. Similarly, the top artists chart is arranged by looking at how many lifetime views their entire discography has garnered across YouTube.

The charts can be found on YouTube Music’s newly launched Explore tab, which introduces users to new artists based on their listening history, plus has playlists curated around various moods and music styles. Users aren’t restricted to their own region’s chart; they can see all 57 from Explore, the platform said.

Also present within the charts section is Music Insights, a tool that catalogues YouTube viewership data for 25,000 artists. With it, users can search to see which artists are most popular in specific cities and countries.

YouTube indicated that charts for more countries will become available in the future.