Complex Launches First Tabletop Game Inspired By Hit ‘Hot Ones’ YouTube Series

By 08/26/2020
Complex Launches First Tabletop Game Inspired By Hit ‘Hot Ones’ YouTube Series

Eight-year-old First We Feast, the Complex Networks-owned digital food brand that’s home to hit YouTube series Hot Ones — in which host Sean Evans interviews celebrity guests over an increasingly spicy assortment chicken wings — is looking to bring the savvy concept to the masses.

First We Feast will introduce tomorrow Truth Or Dab, marking Complex’s first-ever tabletop game launch. The interactive party title comprises 250 cards with trivia and ‘truth or dare’-style questions. If players refuse to answer a ‘truth or dare’ question — or answer a trivia question incorrectly — they have to drink a spoonful of The Last Dab (chicken fingers aren’t included or required, but can add to the fun, First We Feast says). The Last Dab, is the hottest Hot Ones-branded hot sauce to be featured on the show, with a heat index of 2 million Scoville units.

Truth Or Dab is designed for three to six players aged 17 and up, and priced at $35. Licensed and manufactured by Wilder Toys, the game will be available at the First We Feast online shop, hot sauce purveyor Heatonist (which vends the full assortment of Hot Ones-branded hot sauces), and Amazon tomorrow at 11 am ET.

Hot Ones has spawned several merch, apparel, and hot sauce launches to date. It also most recently  spawned a linear game show (pictured above) on truTV that premiered in February, titled Hot Ones: The Game Show. The game show sees fans competing against one another by answering questions and eating increasingly spicy chicken wings for a chance at $25,000.