TikTok Star Isaak Presley Spearheads New All-Male Collab House ‘Clubhouse For The Boys’

By 07/09/2020
TikTok Star Isaak Presley Spearheads New All-Male Collab House ‘Clubhouse For The Boys’

Another TikTok creator house is on the horizon — this one piloted by social star Isaak Presley (1.1 million followers, pictured above) and christened Clubhouse For The Boys.

The organization is a male-leaning faction of the original Clubhouse Beverly Hills — a concept created by influencer Daisy Keech, (5.9 million followers), who left TikTok’s first major content house, The Hype House, following an acrimonious and legally-charged split with her co-founders.

Clubhouse For The Boys — dubbed ‘Clubhouse FTB’ for short — will comprise Presley, Sebastian Topete (2.7 million TikTok followers), Chase Keith (4.5 million), and Christopher Romero (4.4 million), all of whom moved out of the original Clubhouse Beverly Hills mansion last week. Insider reports that the group is subsequently looking to onboard additional members, including 16-year-old influencer Diego Martir (3.6 million).

“Our goal is not to be dramatic and be problematic and get into all these issues,” Presley, who starred in the Disney Channel sitcom Stuck In The Middle, tells Insider. “Our goal is to have fun, be entertaining, have something there for everyone to love. But at the end of the day, keep our noses clean and our shoulders upright.”

The Clubhouse brand now comprises three sister houses, per Insider: Keech’s original Clubhouse Beverly Hills; inaugural offshoot Clubhouse Next; and Clubhouse FTB. While the financial interrelationships of the houses to one another is unclear, Insider notes that there are no-infighting policies in place — though pranking, of course, runs rampant.

Clubhouse FTB does not have an official residence as of yet, so the guys are currently residing in a Hollywood Hills rental, where they have hosted visits from TikTok luminaries like Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg.