YouTube Unveils New Analytics Hub For Musicians, Tracking Official And Fan-Uploaded Videos Alike

By 07/07/2020
YouTube Unveils New Analytics Hub For Musicians, Tracking Official And Fan-Uploaded Videos Alike

YouTube is bestowing musicians with new and improved tools to track analytics, including audience demos, global reach, and other performance metrics.

The suite of tools, dubbed Analytics For Artists, are exclusively available for Official Artist Channels, and will be located within the YouTube Studio dashboard — a hub where creators can publish videos, track analytics and monetization, and interact with fans.

Official Artist Channels (OAC) bring together content from disparate artists channels into a single hub, and automatically programs discographies and official music videos into organized shelves. In order to be eligible for an OAC, creators must have at least three official releases distributed by a label, and have no policy violations. OACs must also either work with a YouTube Partner Manager, be a member of the Partner Program, or belong to a label network that works with a Partner Manager.

New tools in Analytics For Artists include a ‘Total Reach‘ feature that will give musicians a comprehensive glimpse at official uploads as well as those shared by fans, tastemakers, and collaborators that predominantly contain their recordings. And ‘Song Detail‘ showcases all of the third-party videos that have been created containing a particular track. (Interestingly, YouTube says that its top 1,000 artists get over 20% of their chart-eligible views from user-generated videos, including fan-created lyric videos, covers, dance videos, and more).

Analytics For Artists also tracks channel impressions, clicks, demographics, retention, and engagement data in real-time, YouTube says. In addition to desktops, the hub can also be accessed via the YouTube Studio app.

“This is a mic drop product,” YouTube’s global head of music, Lyor Cohen, said in a statement. “We can’t wait for artists and their teams to fully understand their global audience and the power of YouTube’s platform.”

You can check out the new tools in action below: