20-Person Creator Collective Launches Facebook Hub To Stave Off Coronavirus Isolation

By 03/19/2020
20-Person Creator Collective Launches Facebook Hub To Stave Off Coronavirus Isolation

A coalition of top creators has come together to ease audiences through the inevitable isolation and loneliness that are bound to arise from the Coronavirus pandemic, as people settle into a new normal of social distancing and quarantine. And they’re harnessing Facebook‘s myriad tools to do so.

However, the Facebook group and Coronavirus support content is just one facet of a nascent startup courtesy of travel vlogger Louis Cole and activist and entrepreneur Brandon Kaufer called The Social Good Club. Launching this year, the production company will see creators team with experts in various social impact areas to create content for a better, more sustainable world. Details are still scant, though you can check out the videos that the company has already produced on its dedicated Facebook page.

At launch, the Social Good Club comprises: Fly With Haifa, Jennelle Eliana, Kati Morton, Kandee Johnson, Mario Rigby, Amber’s Closet, iJustine, Elle Mills, Jesse Wellens, Matthew Santoro, Roberto Blake, YNotKeeb, Luke Korns, Charles Michel, Mark Brand, and Raya Was Here.

And while the team has harnessed Facebook to highlight other positive news in recent weeks — including a Cambodian ban on elephant riding at a top tourist attraction, and a Jamaican beach that incentivized citizens to help clean up by offering free joints — the crew is increasingly using its platform to share positive news amid the pandemic. In a first-ever live stream, for instance, Cole, Rigby, Morton, and Amber’s Closet participated in an open and honest conversation about how to maintain a sense of community in these trying times (below).

Facebook tells Tubefilter that the group will also seek to provide audiences with tools, resources, curriculum, guided breathwork, virtual dinner and meal preps, Facebook Live roundtable discussions with experts, and more.

“Louis and Brandon came to our team with this incredible idea, and we’ve been extremely excited to partner with them on building this much needed community,” a Facebook spokesperson tells Tubefilter. “As they’ve worked on growing this creator-led community with their personal relationships, we’ve been providing consultation on how to build out their content strategy on both Facebook and Instagram, while creating a centralized hub for the community on Facebook specifically.”