YouTube Studio Adds New ‘Restrictions’ Column, Ability to Manually Insert Mid-Roll Ads, More

By 01/10/2020
YouTube Studio Adds New ‘Restrictions’ Column, Ability to Manually Insert Mid-Roll Ads, More

YouTube has recently unveiled a number of updates to YouTube Studio — the creator-facing dashboard by which creators can publish videos, track monetization and analytics, and tweak other channel settings.

In a tweet by Creator Insider host Tom Leung and in a support post, YouTube announced a new ‘Restrictions’ column on the ‘Videos’ page, which will allow creators to quickly see if monetization or viewership has been limited — with respect to copyright issues, age-related restrictions, and more. Additionally, users can now manually insert mid-roll ad breaks during the upload process. The option to place ads manually will appear once standard definition (SD) processing is finished, according to YouTube.

The changes arrive as YouTube gradually continues to sunset its ‘Classic’ version of YouTube Studio amid an ongoing revamp.

The other changes are similarly slight, but nevertheless seek to make the hub more easily navigable for creators, including an updated left menu containing ‘Playlists’ and the ‘Audio Library’, and new ‘quick buttons’ on the ‘Videos’ page that take users directly to a clips details, analytics, and comments. Additionally, video description boxes will expand as users type, lengthening to make them easier to read as more content is added. (This latter addition was widely requested by creators, per YouTube).

Finally, there are new quick buttons that enable users to upload, go live, or create a Community post directly from their dashboards. And the ‘video snapshot card’, which showcases how one upload compares to other videos, will now show that same information for Premieres, or prescheduled video drops.