Sam Golbach and Colby Brock, the YouTube duo best known for their docustyle explorations of haunted locales, have launched a new business endeavor to help their fans develop important life skills.

Golbach and Brock today introduced Meta Life — a subscription-based, interactive platform that will provide participants with emotional health tips and lessons on applicable life skills that are delivered via exclusive videos, posts, and challenges. Sam and Colby will also respond to user comments and questions on the platform, which will serve as a private social network for community members to support one another.

Golbach and Brock partnered with Love Is Louder on the initiative —  a project of The Jed Foundation, a suicide prevention nonprofit, that aims to help teens and young adults feel more connected. An undisclosed portion of each Meta Life subscription will benefit Love Is Louder.

The guys are opting to charge for the program because it will enable them to monitor the community 24/7, and also to conduct research on pertinent issues, according to a press release. A Meta Life subscription is priced at $19 per month or $97 annually. Golbach and Brock previously introduced a similar initiative called The Life Project in 2016, but this marks its relaunch.

The development of Meta Life was inspired by feedback and questions from the duo’s followers, which includes 7 million YouTube subscribers and 3.6 million Instagram followers. In addition to advice culled from their personal experiences, the content in the program was also informed by expert in various fields. At launch, Meta Life will comprise a nine-video ‘Basic Course‘, with new courses — comprising up to ten videos apiece — rolling out every six weeks. Topics covered will include: confidence, decision-making, short and long-term goal-making, managing stress, and how to ask for help.

“It took years of trial and error after reading books, watching online courses, and throwing ourselves outside our comfort zone to learn the life skills we wanted to,” Golbach said in a statement. “I would’ve killed to have a friend or an older sibling to just walk me through the same steps. We realized that we could be that friend to so many others and helps them along the same journey.”

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