TikTok Collaborates With 12 Creators For New ‘You’re In Control’ Online Safety Videos

By 10/23/2019
TikTok Collaborates With 12 Creators For New ‘You’re In Control’ Online Safety Videos

Shortform video platform TikTok has released a second group of installments in its series You’re in Control series, where it collaborates with creators to make videos that educate users (particularly young users) about its Community Guidelines, as well as settings, controls, and resources available on the app.

This round features 12 creators: nathanpiland, d_damodel, juniortvine, Stevenmckell, supershaund, ourfire, thedawndishsoap, katjaglieson, mahoganylox, chanydakota, shreksdumpster, christinebarger. Each of them participates in at least one of six new videos, which teach users how to utilize TikTok’s tools to keep themselves safe.

“TikTok is committed to building a positive environment where creativity radiates and everyone feels safe,” Kudzi Chikumbu, TikTok’s director of creator community, said in a statement. “Our in-app controls are designed to keep TikTok welcoming for everyone and we love showcasing these creators’ enthusiasm to help keep our community safe.”

Topics the new videos cover include: how to block other users; how to restrict who can use your videos in their own TikTok creations via its Duet feature; how to filter comments by blocking specific keywords; how to report inappropriate content; why users should be careful about the personal information they share; and how to report direct harassment.

TikTok launched You’re in Control in February, on the same day its parent company, Bytedance, faced a $5.7 million Federal Trade Commission fine for illegally collecting personal information from children without their parents’ consent. Bytedance faced the charges because, in 2017, it acquired a lip-syncing video app called Musical.ly, which required that all users (including those under 13) provide it with an email address, phone number, username, first and last name, a short bio, and a profile picture. Because Bytedance shuttered Musical.ly in August 2018 and subsequently merged its user base with TikTok’s, the former’s problem became the latter’s.

As part of the settlement, TikTok implemented new user age requirements that prevented under-13-year-olds from signing up for accounts. Already-established users under 13 were shuffled over to what TikTok called a “limited, separate app experience,” and were no longer allowed to upload new content. TikTok was also required to remove every single video that had already been posted by under-13-year-olds.

You can watch all the You’re in Control videos on TikTok’s official account, TikTokTips.