Patreon Founder Jack Conte Launches ‘Super Patron’ Endowment That Will Give Creators A Yearly Salary

By 10/22/2019
Patreon Founder Jack Conte Launches ‘Super Patron’ Endowment That Will Give Creators A Yearly Salary

Jack Conte, the co-founder of Patreon, is launching a new endowment fund that will give creators — of any following size or location — what amounts to a year’s salary, so that they can solely focus on the act of creation.

Cheekily dubbed Super Patron: A Creator Arts Endowment F*ck Yeah!, the initiative was inspired by author Harper Lee — who received a gift friends from friends for a year’s worth of wages, with a card telling her to write whatever she wanted, which ultimately became To Kill A Mockingbird — and was established by Conte with $1 million worth of Patreon stock. That said, Super Patron is a separate initiative from Patreon itself, and is a 501c3 non-profit.

Applications are open now, and the recipient of the first grant — for $50,000 — will be announced in December. Recipients will be selected by a committee consisting of comedian and Patreon investor Hannibal Burress, veteran YouTuber Grace Helbig, podcast hosts Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle from True Crime Obsessed, vlogger and activist Molly Burke, and artist and Girls With Slingshots creator Danielle Corsetto.


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There are no specific instructions about how to apply — and no age or location restrictions — other than whatever material is submitted (be it a video, music, podcast, or piece of art) must take no longer than three minutes to review. Submissions are due by 2:59 am ET on Nov. 22. That said, in order to be eligible, work must be publicly available. And creators must have posted work at least semi-regularly over the past year, and have the intention of continuing to create work at a weekly or monthly cadence. The endowment is intended for creators who love the daily grind, according to the Super Patron website, as opposed to those who are prepping one big project that could take a year to complete.

The selection committee is looking for consistent creativity, a strong voice, and work that is getting medium traction but that has high potential.

You can check out more information and apply on the Super Patron website, and watch Conte’s announcement video below:

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