Disney Shoots For Streaming Domination By Bundling Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ For $12.99 Per Month

By 08/07/2019
Disney Shoots For Streaming Domination By Bundling Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+ For $12.99 Per Month

Disney plans for its various streaming services to get cozy with an all-in-one bundle that’ll wrap up Disney+, Hulu’s ad-supported tier, and ESPN+ for $12.99 per month.

Bob Iger, the company’s CEO, unveiled the triple threat during Disney’s quarterly earnings call, noting that “nothing is more important” than getting Disney’s entry into the content streaming space right, Variety reports.

Separately, the services would cost: $6.99 per month for Disney+, which launches in November; $5.99 per month for Hulu, which Disney is 100% in control of after a $5.8 billion deal with Comcast; and $4.99 per month for ESPN+ (Disney owns 80% of ESPN). So, a bundle subscriber will save around $5 per month.


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Iger also said Disney is currently in discussions with Google, Amazon, and Apple to distribute Disney+ on the companies’ various platforms at launch. Distributing with content giants is a part of Disney’s plan to “achieve scale relatively quickly” for its newborn service.

Other parts of its plan to quickly scale up Disney+’ subscribers are a consumer marketing plan, which it’ll start later this month, and a user experience that provides a “frictionless” signup process, Iger said. He didn’t offer details of what that process will entail, but said the company is devoting significant effort to developing the tech under Disney+’s hood.

Ultimately, Iger said, Disney is “setting ourselves up in a way to be more resilient than any of our competitors” in the streaming space.

When Disney+ launches, it will do so with more than 300 movie titles, including eight Star Wars films, four Marvel films (growing to a total of 12 by the end of Disney+’s first year in operation), 18 Pixar films, and 70 movies from Disney’s animation vault, per Variety. The service will also offer around 7,500 TV episodes, which will grow as it produces a number of highly anticipated, expensive original series like Star Wars tie-in The Mandalorian and Marvel’s Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye.

Along with revealing these details, Disney also of course revealed its third-quarter earnings. The company reported a profit of $1.76 billion on $20.25 billion of sales, which fell below analyst expectations of a $21.45 billion. Iger said the loss stemmed from less-impressive-than-expected performances by some 21st Century Fox assets, which Disney acquired last year for $52.4 billion.

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