Samsung wants TikTok videos to be the star of your next viewing party.

The tech giant’s newly-unveiled TV, the Sero, is an ultra high-def 43-inch screen that flips vertical and pairs with users’ phones to display content like Instagram Stories, TikToks, and Snapchat videos the way they’re meant to be viewed.

Of course, the Sero can be turned horizontally too, but in the future Samsung’s creating, everyone knows horizontal TVs (and phones that don’t fold) are for squares.

Samsung said the TV was specifically designed to give millennials and Gen Z’ers a way to share their social content on something bigger than their smartphones, The Verge reports. The Sero also comes with a mode that cycles digital photos, so users can display their photos as well as their videos. In addition, it’s built with Samsung’s Siri equivalent, Bixby, and comes with 60-watt speakers.

The Sero is set to debut in South Korea at the end of May, and will retail for 1.89 million South Korean won — about $1,600. There’s no word yet on whether it’ll eventually be rolled out to territories beyond South Korea.

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