Jennifer Lopez Revamps Her YouTube Channel To Give Viewers More Personal Content

By 04/08/2019
Jennifer Lopez Revamps Her YouTube Channel To Give Viewers More Personal Content

Jennifer Lopez is the latest high-profile Hollywood celeb to try her hand at being a YouTuber.

Well, to be clear, the actress, singer, and producer has had a YouTube channel since the platform’s very earliest days back in 2005. But up until yesterday, Lopez’s 10 million subscribers tuned in for music videos, trailers for her films, and other professional media like talks and interviews. (In case you’re curious: Lopez’s channel brings in a few hundred thousand views per month, with the exception of November 2018, when she posted her music video for her song “Te Guste.” That month, she brought in 44 million.)

Now, it looks like Lopez is planning to revamp her presence on the platform to make it a bit more personal. “What you’re gonna get here is more of Jennifer,” she says in an intro video posted yesterday. “Jennifer the person.”

Lopez’s new videos will, for now, primarily address topics she’s commonly asked about, such as her songwriting process, what it’s like to be a busy mom working in Hollywood, how she gets to know the characters she plays, and the nitty-gritty details of producing a film.

“There’s a lot that I want to say and want to share,” she said. “This YouTube channel, for me, is a place to do that.” You can see her intro video below:

While Lopez was perhaps one of the first Hollywood celebs to snag a YouTube channel, she’s not the first to lately make a go of making content on the platform. Her announcement comes just a week after YouTube found itself in hot water for promoting fellow actor Zac Efron’s new channel (instead of promoting its own grassroots creators). Other celebrities-turned-YouTubers of note include Will Smith and Jack Black.