CollegeHumor Launches Paid Subscription Service ‘Dropout’ For Uncensored Content, Comics

By 09/26/2018
CollegeHumor Launches Paid Subscription Service ‘Dropout’ For Uncensored Content, Comics

CollegeHumor, the IAC-owned online comedy brand, has launched a pay subscription service dubbed Dropout that it says will offer longer-form uncensored content for between $4 and $6 per month.

The mixed-media platform — which is currently available on the web, with native apps to roll out for both iOS and Android later this year — will include original series and other visual storytelling mediums like chat stories and digital comics. Members will also be able to communicate with show creators and one another via a dedicated channel on Discord — a popular voice and text service among online gamers.

At launch, Dropout’s programming slate includes a second season of Lonely And Horny from CollegeHumor standouts Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld, and a reboot of the Honey Boo Boo-inspired Precious Plum — which has been renamed See Plum Run — from Josh Ruben and Elaine Carroll. Troopers, a CollegeHumor classic that debuted in 2011, is also set to make its long-awaited return with Raphael Chestang and Ally Beardsley. Other new series include Brennan Lee Mulligan’s Dimension 20: Fantasy High and the Mike Trapp-hosted game show Um, Actually.


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Subscriptions are priced at $3.99 if users commit to a year, $4.99 if they sign up for six months, and $5.99 if they subscribe on a month-to-month basis.

“Our goal is to defy traditional media with unique content, whether because it’s R-rated (See Plum Run), niche (Um, Actually), or unusual in terms of format (Dimension 20: Fantasy High, comics, and chats),” said CH Media’s chief creative officer, Sam Reich. “We hope to offer users something surprising, immersive, and laugh-out-loud funny; a place they can, to plagiarize Timothy Leary: log on, tune in, and drop out.”

CH Media is a newly-formed parent company comprising CollegeHumor, Dropout, fandom-focused web platform Dorkly, and the interactive comedy drawing site Drawfee. CollegeHumor was founded in 1999, acquired IAC in 2006, and has amassed 13.3 million followers on its flagship YouTube channel as well as 8.7 million followers on Facebook.

You can check out Dropout’s full content slate and sign up for a free trial here, and watch an intro video below:

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