Rooster Teeth Podcast Network The Roost Brings ‘The Last Podcast On The Left’ Into Its Ranks (Exclusive)

By 08/09/2018
Rooster Teeth Podcast Network The Roost Brings ‘The Last Podcast On The Left’ Into Its Ranks (Exclusive)

Things at podcast network The Roost are about to take a distinctly spooky turn. Creative force Rooster Teeth is announcing on Tubefilter that it has brought horror podcast The Last Podcast on the Left into its network’s ranks, and will be the podcast’s exclusive sales partner.

The Last Podcast on the Left currently boasts more than one million weekly downloads, and has been delving into the dark side since 2011, covering a wide range of topics including (but very much not limited to) serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, the mass suicide at Jonestown, ghost cats of the South, Satanism, and spectrophilia. Hosts and longtime friends Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski also host Last Stream on the Left, a spinoff show livestreamed weekly on Adult Swim.

“We couldn’t be happier to have The Last Podcast on the Left join our team,” Alan Abdine, senior vice president of business development at Rooster Teeth, tells Tubefilter. “Ben, Marcus, and Henry bring the type of fun and irreverent attitude that makes their top five show a must-listen every week. We can’t wait to connect them with our millions of worldwide community members and further fuel their incredible growth.”

Rooster Teeth launched The Roost in 2017, aiming to be “a boutique, partner oriented network with an emphasis on old school, personalized service,” Abdine says. “Our focus has always been to identify the very best personality driven audio and video podcasts that can fully leverage the sales, e-commerce, live events, video production, and distribution expertise that Rooster Teeth has mastered over the past 15 years.”

Also in The Roost’s stable of represented podcasts, alongside homegrown shows like Rooster Teeth Podcast and Always Open, are The H3 Podcast (hosted by YouTube comedy couple Ethan and Hila Klein) and The Valleyfolk podcasts (created and hosted by the four founders of SourceFed), as well as podcasts from creators Game Grumps and Nostalgia Critic, and more.

Abdine says fans can expect to keep listening to and watching The Last Podcast on the Left and Last Stream on the Left in all the usual places, at the usual times. He also says it’s too early to know what merch or live tour opportunities could come out of the partnership — so stay tuned.