Vine-Inspired ‘Cheez’ App Will Use Cryptocurrency To Reward Content Creators For Creating, Viewers For Engaging

By 08/03/2018
Vine-Inspired ‘Cheez’ App Will Use Cryptocurrency To Reward Content Creators For Creating, Viewers For Engaging

Mobile content-featured blockchain project Contentos announced today that it has partnered with mobile app developer to bring cryptocurrency features to’s Vine-inspired video app Cheez, as well as — at a later date — to the flagship LiveMe app.

Users will be able to earn the new so-called “COS tokens” by engaging with content created on Cheez, and will then be able to use those tokens to unlock premium content within the app, Contentos said in a statement. There are more than a dozen ways to earn tokens, including liking, commenting, and sharing videos within the app. Special privileges acquirable through token spending include being able to direct message creators, post longer videos, and receive a higher level of exposure so they can attract more viewers.

There are also new creator-specific features, including “incentives for uploading new videos, with additional rewards tied to content performance and user engagement.” These features will roll out to Cheez first, and then be integrated into LiveMe.


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“With Contentos, we’re building a foundation for a truly fair and open digital content industry that puts creators at the very center of the ecosystem,” Contentos co-founder Mick Tsai said in a statement. “Regardless of the type of format the content is — video, music, photos, etc. — we believe creators should be fairly compensated and should be able to retain ownership of their creative work while still building direct relationships with advertisers and fans.”

While the new features aren’t yet available on LiveMe, part of’s partnership with Contentos involves a reboot of the live trivia game show QuizBiz. LiveMe users in Taiwan will be able to earn COS tokens by answering all of the show’s 12 questions correctly. LiveMe also plans to expand the blockchain trivia game show to other markets, including the U.S. is no stranger to rewarding users of its apps. In June, the LiveMe team announced the creation of a$100,000 Broadcaster Development Fund, which is meant to identify creators on the rise and support them with resources to help them further their content-making careers.

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