Last week, Casey Neistat posted a video regarding his meeting with Jack Conte, the founder of the crowdfunding platform Patreon. Neistat had invited Conte to rendezvous with him in New York after the latter entrepreneur created a flashy video expressing his desire to deliver a pitch to Neistat regarding the vlogger’s 368 venture, which he announced earlier in April.

While Neistat and Conte seem eager to work with each other, Neistat’s video kept the nature of Conte’s pitch a secret. A few days later, however, the Patreon founder (who is also known as one half of Pomplamoose) revealed more details about the initiative he wants to launch alongside 368. While he was careful to state that “nothing is fleshed out yet,” he intimated that his partnership with Neistat would result in a short of scholarship or residency program for creators, one that would theoretically make use of Patreon’s platform  and 368’s space.

Conte detailed his idea in a video he uploaded to YouTube on April 20. “Imagine if 368 had some sort of program where you could essentially be sponsored as a creator,” he said. “Say you get three or four thousand bucks a month for some period of months to essentially quit your day job and just be a full time creator.”

Sponsored creators would be able to take advantage of 368’s facilities, which could include podcast studios, video game streaming stations, and screening rooms, according to Neistat. Meanwhile, the funding for those sponsorships would come from Patreon, where Conte believes Neistat could raise significant resources. “I think the community would be super excited about participating in a program like that,” he said, “that helps people pursue their dreams.”

More info about 368 can be found in a vlog introducing the venture, which Neistat posted on April 6.

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