The so-called “series that watches you” is now available.

#WarGames, an interactive project adapted from the 1983 movie of the same name, is now available on the web, on the iOS app of producer Eko, and on Steam, where an ad-free version of the series can be purchased for $2.99.

#WarGames, in a departure from its source material, enters the modern world of “hacktivism,” putting viewers in the shoes of a hacker named Kelly. As the show progresses, we get to see the story as Kelly does, and our choices influence hers. Such interactive wizardry is possible thanks to Eko’s proprietary technology, which has powered a number of high-concept interactive programs to date; you may recognize the company by its previous name, Interlude.

“In 2018, all forms of media – from social feeds to games and web browsing – are unique from person to person. TV is the only form of media that’s not personalized, and Eko is the company enabling it to catch up to the rest of the web,” said Eko CEO Yoni Bloch in a press release. “Series like #WarGames are uniquely built for how young audiences consume entertainment; digital native audiences expect to engage, and want more than flat, linear content. Interactivity allows viewers to participate in the story, explore, and ultimately builds connection between creators and viewers.”

#WarGames is one of Eko’s biggest bets so far. The project, born out of a partnership with MGM, has been in development for years, and its producers enlisted Sam Barlow, known for the groundbreaking indie video game Her Story, to pen the script. Ultimately, it will be hard for #WarGames to surpass the heights set by Eko’s best work — I personally still love their Bob Dylan project — but it’s an enjoyable bit of interactive media nonetheless.

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