YouTuber Kati Morton Offers Her Fellow Creators Some Tips For Combatting Burnout

By 03/05/2018
YouTuber Kati Morton Offers Her Fellow Creators Some Tips For Combatting Burnout

Adhering to a regular upload schedule, whether it be weekly or daily, is regarded as one of the best ways to accumulate a following on YouTube. Such a strategy, while effective, can have negative consequences for creators, who can begin to feel burned out after pushing through the same grid day after day, month after month, year after year.

How can those fatigued creators recognize, combat, and prevent burnout? Kati Morton has a few tips. Morton, known for the mental health-related videos she shares on her own channel, is the star of a four-part YouTube Creator Academy course related to all things burnout.

Morton opens her course by sharing the signs of burnout and tracing the history of the phrase back to its origins. As she explains, the word “burnout,” at least in its mental health context, traces back to a single psychologist in the year 1974. Now, it’s a common term across creative industries, and Morton teaches her fellow YouTubers how to look out for it.


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A second episode arrived a week after the first, with two more installments planned. “I think this is important because even the most successful and talented people in the space, in an effort to keep up with the pressures of being an online creator, are exhausted,” Morton told Tubefilter. “Many starting their channels when they were young, and therefore never learning how to take care of their physical and mental health or how to have work/life balance.”

Morton’s burnout series can be found on the Creator Academy channel, which YouTube launched in 2013 as a platform on which experienced and successful creators can dispense the wisdom they’ve picked up along the way. Other Creator Academy “Master Classes” deal with subjects like branded content, vlogging, and the all-important YouTube algorithm.

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