Twitch is launching a pair of new additions to its interface, and they both promote the use of existing features. The streaming service known for its video game content has announced Clip Champs and Top Cheerers, which relate to its clips and cheering functions, respectively.

Clip Champs brings a leaderboard to the world of clips, which Twitch introduced in 2016. During a stream, viewers can create clips by highlighting notable moments and uploading them as user-generated videos. If a viewer receives 50 clip views related to a specific channel for four weeks in a row, he or she will be eligible for Clip Champ status on that status. Such a designation comes with a special badge, which Champs can display in Twitch’s chat window.

Top Cheerers, meanwhile, relates to the Cheering feature, also introduced in 2016. By cheering their favorite creators, fans can offer up digital tips for outstanding or funny moments that occur during any particular stream. Top Cheerers for individual channels — that is, the users who have contributed the most via cheering — will now be displayed on a leaderboard that will live next to the chat window. Cheer volume is measured in terms of Bits, Twitch’s in-house currency.

“Hundreds of thousands of creators are able to generate revenue on Twitch thanks to the support they get from their passionate communities,” said Justin Oh, Product Marketing Manager at Twitch, in a press release. “With Clip Champs and Top Cheerers, supportive viewers are able to get proper recognition for the role they play in the creator’s success.”

Clip Champs is currently available, while Top Cheerers is expected to arrive “soon.”

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