Across seven years of YouTube videos, Hannah Hart has developed a close, friendly rapport with her viewers. In her vlogs, she often draws from her personal life experience to dispense advice and inspiration to her audience. Now, she is looking to deepen that relationship by launching a podcast about mental health, self-help, love, sex, and more. It’s titled Hannahlyze This, and it is co-hosted by Hart and her friend Hannah Gelb.

Hannahlyze This, in Hart’s own words, is a “self-help podcast that just can’t help itself.” In each episode, the two Hannahs will discuss topics related to mental health and relationships. The depth of their conversations will be informed by their close friendship. “It gets pretty real,” Hart told Tubefilter. “Hannah and I are both pretty candid about our mental health, and we go there.”

In the first episode of the podcast, “going there” involves a frank discussion about hooking up with exes. Hart and Gelb share their own histories related to that topic and incorporate some tweets from Hart’s fans, who responded to a prompt she posed for her Twitter followers. “We want it to feel like everyone is at coffee with us,” Hart told Tubefilter.

Though many of Hart’s fellows in the YouTube community, including Grace Helbig and Tyler Oakley, have launched their own podcasts, this is Hart’s first foray into the format. That said, she and Gelb opted to develop Hannahlyze This on their own, with Hart citing the need for “organic processes.” “I very much believe in the idea coming first and then figuring out the proper format,” she said.

Now that Hannahlyze This is out in the open, Hart and Gelb can take some time to see how it is received, at which point they will have the ability to tweak their show’s format as they see fit. “I like to let things grow first,” Hart said. “We’ll see how the show evolves.”

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