High-End Fashion Retailer Yoox Hides Exclusive Deals In 15-Second YouTube Ads

By 11/27/2017
High-End Fashion Retailer Yoox Hides Exclusive Deals In 15-Second YouTube Ads

The holiday season requires brands to devise their cleverest bits of marketing, and in response to that challenge, Yoox has figured out a unique way to sell its goods online. The high-end fashion retailer has teamed up with Stink Studios and Google to launch YouTube pre-roll ads that offer exclusive deals that last for the duration of each spot’s 15-second runtime (and not a second more).

Yoox sells clothes from luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Givenchy, and in each of its new pre-rolls, it offers up what Adweek refers to as a “one-of-a-kind item.” Once the deal is introduced, viewers have 15 seconds to click through and claim it. If they skip the ad or let it reach the end of its runtime, they’ll miss out on the deal entirely. Should they later look for the item on the Yoox website or try to find the ad on YouTube, they’ll have no luck.

At least one YouTube user has uploaded one of Yoox’s new ads, albeit without the offer in place. If you’re curious about the design of the spot, take a look:

“The aesthetics and the concept of the animations [are reminiscent] of childhood cartoons, in which the narration is deployed very rapidly and the climax immediately reached,” Yoox creative director Filippo Vezzali told Adweek. “However, behind the simplicity of the video is an innovative technology which we have explored together with Google, which allowed us to obtain a truly captivating format.”

Yoox’s ad campaign fits its specific needs as a high-end retailer. Its pre-roll placements, owing to their exclusivity, won’t reach a huge number of consumers, but if they drive even a few sales, they’ll result in significant revenue. By targeting impulsive shoppers, Yoox may just achieve that goal.