Jimmy Tatro’s ‘American Vandal’ Netflix Series Premieres To Positive Reviews

By 09/19/2017
Jimmy Tatro’s ‘American Vandal’ Netflix Series Premieres To Positive Reviews

Digital influencers who’ve launched original projects on Netflix haven’t always received the kindest reviews, including Colleen Ballinger’s comedy Haters Back Off and Cameron DallasChasing Cameron docuseries. However, it looks like American Vandal — a true crime spoof headlined by sketch comedy creator and vlogger Jimmy Tatro — has become a bonafide critical hit.

American Vandal, which chronicles the mock-investigation of a high school student who’s been accused of spray-painting penises on cars in the school parking lot, has received a 93% rating from review aggregation platform Rotten Tomatoes. Vanity Fair called Tatro’s performance “appealingly oafish” while New York magazine said the series was “almost brilliant.” Los Angeles Times television critic Robert Lloyd wrote, “It’s as engrossing as the series it set out to satirize and moving in ways you would not expect.”

American Vandal puts a satirical spin on a genre that Netflix has helped make famous, with series like Making A Murderer and The Keepers. American Vandal‘s co-creators, Tony Yacenda and Dan Perrault, are respected players within the online comedy realm, and have created content for College Humor and ScreenJunkiesHonest Trailers series, respectively.

You can check out a clip from American Vandal, which premiered in its entirety on Netflix last Friday, below: