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When it comes to The Sorry Girls and their carefully constructed DIY videos, there are no apologies necessary.

The Toronto-based duo consisting of Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid has emerged as one of YouTube’s craftiest partnerships. Viewers tune in multiple times per week to watch Wright and MacDermaid bust out the power tools and the glue guns, with which they can create homemade furniture, fashion, and more.

Based off the attention these projects have received, The Sorry Girls have expanded their channel to become a go-to destination for all things do-it-yourself. Here’s a video they made to celebrate the history of DIY items:

We got a chance to talk to The Sorry Girls, who are managed by Reuven Ashtar of Never Napping, about their burgeoning career:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have more than one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Becky Wright: It feels very surreal! It’s so hard to imagine that many people all watching you. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has and continues to support us. You’ve given us a dream job and inspire us to keep making awesome content!

TF: Why do you think your creative partnership has worked out so well?

Kelsey MacDermaid: I think that we’re just the right amount of on the same page and just the right amount differing in our opinions and instincts. It also helps that we treat our channel like our job; we hold expectations of each other to meet at the office and, in terms of approaching projects, showing lots of mutual understanding and hard work on both sides.

TF: What are some details of your process that help your DIY projects produce such great results?

BW: We try to put ourselves in the minds of our subscribers. We know they value well-thought-out projects that end up looking amazing and stand the test of time. Keeping that mindset is a great guide for producing results both we and our viewers love.

TF: On the other hand, have you taken on any projects that ended up not working for any reason?

KM: We definitely have! We almost abandoned a concrete clock that kept crumbling and we were trying to do a DIY cleaning hacks video and couldn’t get the item clean (a dye-stained purse) so we had to cancel that video. For the amount of times we take a shot in the dark on a DIY, we actually have a really good success rate!

TF: Where do you get ideas for your videos, and how long would you say your typical project takes to put together?

BW: We get our ideas from things that are trending in popular culture, requests from our viewers, and things we genuinely need and want to make. It typically takes us four full days from coming up with the concept of the video all the way to editing together the final result.

TF: What is your approach to branded content?

KM: We actually love making excellent branded content! Whether we approach brands we are already fans of or a brand reaches out that is excited about our work, we always have fun playing with concepts and arriving at something everyone from our hardcore fans to brand executives will love. Some of the best videos on our channel have been brand deals because we take each as an opportunity to push both our content and the brand voice outside of the box.

TF: What is your favorite part of connecting with the online video community in Toronto (and Canada in general)?

BW: My favourite part of connecting with the online community is meeting so many like-minded people, wherever they are! We love traveling to LA and NY to film things and work on projects, but Toronto is home and we enjoy seeing our community here take it to the next level as more people make amazing content and support each other, coming together to make magic happen.

TF: What is the most significant way in which you feel your videomaking style has change since you first launch your channel?

KM: When we first launched our channel it wasn’t a job. It was more of a fun hobby. Now when we create videos, we still enjoy the process just as much but we look at it from a trends and business mindset. Seven years into our channel we’ve evolved in many ways such as upgrading our equipment and office space, honing our skills, developing our aesthetic, and letting our personality come through.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans?

BW: Two million! Haha we’d love to expand our channel by branching out to reach different types of viewers, experiment with different types of content, and create fresh new series. Our viewers always love it when we reinvent old series and come up with new ones!

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