Fullscreen’s just-announced fall slate comprises five original series starring a slew of YouTube notables, including Jay Versace, Scotty Sire, Elton Castee, Jaclyn Glenn, and Alyx Weiss.

The new shows — which Fullscreen’s SVP of programming, Scott Reich, said showcase “strong personalities, unique storytelling, and boundary-pushing creativity” — will seek to entice more subscribers to the company’s eponymous streaming service, which launched last April and is priced at $5.99 per month.

In Jay Versace Is Stuck In The 90s, for instance, the YouTube star is sent back in time and must return to the present using ’90s tech, while Fox Tossing (see below) will feature vloggers Sire and Castee playing ridiculous, antiquated sports. Other series arriving in coming months include The Skeptics Guide To Wellness, in which social issues vlogger Glenn will apply a critical eye to trends like cryotherapy and hypnosis, and Living Rooms — a scripted comedy starring Weiss, in which a young woman discovers that she can talk to furniture.

Rounding out the slate is Alive In Denver, starring Nathan Kress (iCarly) and Danielle Campbell (The Originals), about a group of friends who reveal their deepest secrets to one another before the apocalypse — although the world never ends.

Check out the full rundown of upcoming shows, courtesy of Fullscreen, below:

  • Jay Versace Is Stuck In The 90s (Fall 2017). From shooting a collab video with a camcorder and two VCRs to becoming internet famous before the creation of social media, Jay has to learn to survive the decade that brought us light-up sneakers, the pager, and boy bands. Five ten-minute episodes are directed and executive produced by Yuri Baranovsky.
  • Fox Tossing (August 16). The internet’s favorite fearless goofballs are on a mission to play all the ridiculous and mind-boggling sports that were too dumb or dangerous to survive — from using ten-foot helium balloons to compete in a distance-floating challenge to attempting a long jump over 14 barrels on ice skates. Produced by 44 Blue, the series will comprise five ten-minute episodes.
  • The Skeptic’s Guide To Wellness (September 8). Unapologetic digital star Jaclyn Glenn takes her medical background and scientific mind to the wide world of wellness — from crystal healing to psychedelics promising a spiritual awakening. Drew Hunter directed and executive produced the five ten-minute episodes.
  • Living Rooms (Fall 2017). After the startling and hilarious discovery that she can talk to her furniture while high, the reality of living life navigating foul-mouthed dining chairs and hard-partying dressers forever changes the course of Beth’s life. Produced by Vanishing Angle, the season will consist of seven seven-minute episodes.
  • Alive In Denver (Fall 2017). After an apocalyptic meteor narrowly misses Earth, a group of friends deals with the psychological aftermath of having blurted out all their darkest, weirdest secrets to one another just before the world didn’t end. Produced by Lifeboat Productions, Alive will feature eight 15-minute episodes.

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