People Are Awesome, a social video channel acquired by Jukin Media in 2015 that showcases extreme sports and other high-flying feats — including parkour, skateboarding, and fitness — has just launched its half-year wrap-up video. And it’s already gone crazy viral.

The clip, which features the most impressive user-submitted clips of 2017 so far, was posted on July 28 and has already amassed a whopping 351 million views on Facebook — and roughly 1 million views on YouTube. It was the most-watched video on the web for the month of July, according to video intelligence firm Tubular Labs, and is the 28th most-viewed video of 2017. Traditionally, PAA’s year-end, mid-year, monthly, and weekly wrap-up videos have been among the most-viewed in the video brand’s history.

(For comparison’s sake, BuzzFeed‘s most popular video on Facebook has been viewed 313 million times, and the most-shared video on all of Facebook has been viewed 380 million times.)

Check out PAA’s latest Best Of The Year, So Far! clip right here:

And the viral power of the compendium clip has not only drastically increased PAA’s following — to the tune of an additional 1.4 million Facebook fans since the video went live last month, the company says — but it has also increased the visibility of featured creators. PAA accepts video submissions right here, and while it does not pay for content outright, it credits creators with their channel links on Facebook (16.5 million followers), YouTube (1.8 million subscribers), and Instagram (218,000 followers) — which often results in a flood of new followers in a matter of days. PAA also adds featured videos to Jukin’s vast library of user-generated content, and pays creators when their clips get licensed for use in a commercial or show.

For instance, after being featured on PAA’s Facebook page in July, the acrobat Jujimufu gained 5,729 followers in 72 hours. Similarly, Michelle Smith gained 5,500 Facebook fans after PAA shared her IRL Catwoman! clip, which showcases her impressive staff-fighting skills.

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