YouTube Co-Viewing App ‘Uptime’ Officially Exits Beta

By 06/26/2017
YouTube Co-Viewing App ‘Uptime’ Officially Exits Beta

Uptime, a Google app first announced in March that enables multiple YouTube viewers to watch the same video in real-time while chatting and sharing reactions with one another, is officially out of beta.

The app, which can be downloaded right here, is now available to all iOS users, Variety reports. Uptime overlays comments and emojis on top of videos — with replays of shared videos also touting these same interactions. The latest version of the app includes several new updates, per Variety, like the ability to share music videos, and the ability to find friends on Facebook with whom to share videos.

Uptime is a creation of Area120 — a Google-led incubator that encourages employees to pursue compelling side projects.

Check out the app in action right here: