Katy Perry To Stream Live On YouTube For 4 Straight Days In Celebration Of New Album

By 06/09/2017
Katy Perry To Stream Live On YouTube For 4 Straight Days In Celebration Of New Album

Katy Perry is taking the concept of her new album, Witness, to an imaginative extreme — while also touting YouTube’s livestreaming feature, which is still rolling out to all creators globally.

For the next four days, Perry will be living in a Big Brother-style house — dubbed the ‘Witness Headquarters’ — where her goings-on will be filmed 24 hours per day and broadcast live on YouTube. There are five different camera angles on the stream for viewers to choose from. The event, which has been dubbed Witness World Wide, kicked off last night to herald the album release at midnight. Afterwards, Perry and friends celebrated with a champagne toast and also took questions from fans.

Right now, Perry appears to be sleeping — with the camera trained on her bed. And every morning for the next four days, she will reportedly be hosting ‘confessionals’, in which she will answer questions and interact with fans.


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Check out the stream, which has been running for 14 hours thus far, right here:

If this seems like a particularly exposing endeavor not just for a YouTube creator, but for one of the biggest pop stars on earth, Witness World Wide is part of a larger partnership between YouTube and Perry that the singer first unveiled at Brandcast. In addition to hosting streams, Perry will also appear on the ad-supported YouTube original series Best.Cover.Ever.

Perry is particularly popular on the platform. Last month, the music video for her second single, Bon Appetit, broke the record for the most YouTube views in 24 hours — besting a record previously set by Perry in 2013 with her hit single Roar.

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