Thanks to shows like Man At Arms and Epic How-To, the AWEme channel has become one of Defy Media’s most dependable outlets, gathering more than 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube and accruing more than 551 million total views. The latest piece of edutainment to arrive on the channel is How It’s Destroyed, a series that explains how “formidable” objects and substances (as a press release calls them) are ultimately disposed of.

How It’s Destroyed is hosted by Aaron Rice, who centers each episode around a specific unwieldy topic. Up first are satellites, which are hard to send crashing back down to earth given how remote their orbits are. Rice offers multiple means by which a satellite can be destroyed, whether in a controlled manner or a warfaring one. His explanations are buttressed by fast-paced graphics and staccato sound effects, and Defy Media seems to be catering to viewers who possess both curiosity about the world and a limited amount of attention.

Future installments of How It’s Destroyed will explain how nuclear waste is eliminated, how wildfires are put out, and how criminal evidence is expunged. With that last topic, I get the feeling Rice is trying to tell his viewers how they can escape a serious rap.

Defy Media produced How It’s Destroyed alongside 3 Ball Entertainment. The partnership between the two companies was first announced last year.

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