PewDiePie Is Selling Branded Fidget Spinners Now, Because Why Not

By 05/24/2017
PewDiePie Is Selling Branded Fidget Spinners Now, Because Why Not

Two of 2017’s most notable trending topics have collided. Swedish YouTube star Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, in his latest move, is now selling fidget spinners emblazoned with his “brofist” logo.

The PewDiePie fidget spinners are available through a store run by Fanfiber, a fan-facing merchandise platform based in Amsterdam. Purchasing one of the toys will run you $9.99, and global shipping options are available.

Fidget spinners, which have become an ubiquitous fad in schools around the U.S., have drawn a polarizing response. As with many other recent developments concerning the world of PewDiePie, it’s hard to tell whether Kjellberg is trolling his observers or whether he is seizing a new revenue opportunity. On Twitter, he claimed “everyone has been asking for this,” though many of the replies he has received in response have questioned that claim.


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For what it’s worth, Kjellberg did make fidget spinners the co-stars of one of his recent videos:

Whether he is being earnest or not, Kjellberg may have just inadvertently created an item that will get a chuckle out of nostalgics in a few decades. As this Sonic the Hedgehog Trapper Keeper stirs up very particular feelings for 90s kids, so will the PewDiePie fidget spinner for those growing up now.

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