One of the most popular channels on YouTube is McJuggerNuggets, which often cracks our Tubefilter charts, has been nominated for multiple Streamy Awards, and claims more than 1.3 billion views to date. Last year, that channel’s leading man, Jesse Ridgeway, dropped a bombshell: His Psycho Series, in which he feuds with his “crazy” father and other members of his family, was completely staged.

Now, the story of how that fake series affected the Ridgeways’ actual lives is the subject of a new project. Complex NetworksRated Red, Studio71, and Red Sun Entertainment have teamed up to bring Psycho Family, a documentary about McJuggerNuggets, to Go90.

Psycho Family will use a combination of interviews, videos, and never-before-seen footage to tell the story of McJuggerNuggets, which began when Jesse Ridgeway created characters for his family members and they played along. Hundreds of episodes and millions of subscribers soon followed. Fans were so sure the Psycho Series was real that after an episode in which Jesse purported to murder his father, around 1,000 911 calls were made regarding the “incident.” As its trailer shows, Psycho Family will show the unintended consequences that episode, as well as the series in general, had on the Ridgeway family.

As noted by Variety, the documentary is expected to premiere on April 3rd with an event in New York City. It will show up on Go90, which is available on both iOS or Android devices, the same day.

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