Axe Partners With Well-Coiffed Instagram Stars To Promote Hair Products

By 03/07/2017
Axe Partners With Well-Coiffed Instagram Stars To Promote Hair Products

Male social media stars, on the whole, are a wellcoiffed bunch, and Axe is using that fact to its advantage. The brand best known for its line of deodorants teamed up with influencer marketing company The Amplify to run a campaign on Instagram in which it recruited top creators to promote their respective hairstyling routines.

The featured stars included Rudy Mancuso, Smosh’s Anthony Padilla, and Brodie Smith, all of whom sport full heads of hair. Axe provided each influencer with a can of its styling paste and asked them to use it as part of their morning routines. Some, such as Mancuso, went for a funny approach, while others, like Padilla, opted for a more earnest look into their hairstyling habits.

HAIR=LIFE In partnership with @axe #yougotsomething

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The goal, as some of the featured creators put it, is to reduce the stigma men may have when it comes to haircare products. “When it comes to stylistic effects, there has always been apprehension with men,” said Mancuso. “No one wants to appear as if they’re trying really hard to look a certain way. The idea of establishing one’s style can be intimidating…I wanted to share my everyday style and routine, so that the world could see just how easy and painless it is.”

In total, according to Adweek, Axe and The Amplify’s Instagram push features 30 spots in total, each one featuring its own star influencer. Beyond the ones shared above, a selection of other videos within the campaign can be found via the #yougotsomething hashtag.