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In the world of sports video games, some of the best-quality footage comes from QJB. The North Carolina-based YouTuber is a regular within the worlds of Madden, NBA Live Mobile, and other similar franchises, and his likable personality has opened up some fun opportunities. In one vlog, for example, he got to meet NFL stars like Antonio Brown, Von Miller, and Rob Gronkowski:

How does QJB feel now that his channel has more than one million subscribers? We found out:

TF: How does it feel to have one million YouTube subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

QJB: It really feels great. I reached a milestone that I never even thought of reaching when I first started making videos. I really appreciate all of the support from my fans. Without them I wouldn’t be anything. They make me work harder and keep me on track each and every day.

TF: What has been the biggest adjustment you’ve had to make since your YouTube videos first started getting popular?

QJB: The biggest adjustment definitely has to be time management. Before, YouTube was just a hobby, but once it became my full time job, I had to make sure I balanced everything and had to make sure I got videos up in a timely manner.

TF: Your videos are all shot in very high quality. How do you pull that off and why is it important to you to have top-quality footage?

QJB: It’s all thanks to the awesome equipment that I use! I work with elgato to capture high quality gameplay, use a nice condenser microphone, and edit on Final Cut Pro X. I try to make sure every video is high quality because I know that’s what is expected now on YouTube and if I can’t stand to look at it then I know my subscribers won’t.

TF: What, in your opinion, are the qualities that separate good sports video games from bad ones?

QJB: Good sports videos definitely need to have crazy highlights, exciting commentary, and a nice flow. I always imagine watching ESPN highlights when I’m editing a sports video. Make sure to emphasize the big moments and keep everyone engaged.

TF: Do you have a personal favorite video game from among the ones you’ve played on your channel?

QJB: I’d have to go with Madden 17 at the moment but NBA Live Mobile, NBA 2k17, Madden Mobile, and MLB The Show are close.

TF: What is a feature you would like to see added into the ‘Madden’ franchise in coming installments

QJB: I really wish some of the “Superstar” elements would come back to Madden. Having team workouts, going to the combine, experiencing the NFL Draft, and having some dope cutscenes/story mode would be awesome. I’ve been asking for that for a while.

TF: When you do a video, are you consciously thinking about the sort of commentary your fans want to hear or do you pretty much just say whatever pops into your head?

QJB: Every video that I go into, I have a slight idea of what I want to say/talk about. Of course I realize that my subscribers want to hear my catchphrases so I try to mix those into the video but other than that I freestyle.

TF: If you could play a match against any pro athlete, who would you choose?

QJB: I would love to play against some of my favorite athletes from the Dallas Cowboys like Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott, or Ezekiel Elliot. Also LeBron James and Stephen Curry are some of the guys I look up to. I’m not sure how good they would be but it would be fun to hang out for a while.

TF: What’s next for your channel? Any fun plans

QJB: I’m just going to continue to make high quality videos for my audience, continue to have fun and travel, make new connections, and see what new opportunities come up!

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