Vimeo Launches Video Review Tools, Complete With Time-Stamped Edits

By 01/19/2017
Vimeo Launches Video Review Tools, Complete With Time-Stamped Edits

Since its 2004 launch, Vimeo has built up a creative community that is both highly skilled and staunchly independent. Now, the video site’s latest tool will give the members of that community the ability to peer-review each other’s work. It has announced a suite of tools called Vimeo Video Review, which lets users share their work with colleagues and offers a platform through which specific edits can be suggested.

For those of us who use Google Docs to review, critique, and comment on our colleagues’ drafts, the Video Review interface looks rather familiar. Creators can share their work with others before presenting it to the public, and their editors — whether amateur or professional — can insert suggestions that pop up at the exact time-stamp when they are relevant. As with Google Docs, the original video owner can interact with these comments by replying to them or dismissing them.]

Introducing all-new video review pages from Vimeo on Vimeo.

Video Review is specifically tailored to Vimeo’s high-end clients who use the video site in their professional lives. Since Vimeo doesn’t make any money off ad revenue, it has to cater to users who purchase its subscriptions. Using the new Video Review tools requires either a Vimeo Pro account, which costs $17 per month, or a Vimeo Business account, which will run you a whopping $50 per month.

“Today’s launch is an exciting step forward in our efforts to build an end-to-end workflow solution for video professionals,” said Anjali Sud, GM and SVP of Vimeo’s creator platform. “Instead of managing endless email chains or paying for costly collaboration software, creators can now incorporate review seamlessly into their workflow as part of their Vimeo Pro and business membership, for no additional fees.”

Additional details about Video Review can be found in a post on the Vimeo blog.