What’s Trending, Tubular Labs Pick Out The Top YouTube Videos Of 2016

By 12/23/2016
What’s Trending, Tubular Labs Pick Out The Top YouTube Videos Of 2016

Every year, the digital news channel What’s Trending teams up with the analysts at Tubular Labs to determine the videos, creators, channels, and brands that made the biggest impact on YouTube. The 2016 edition of that annual round-up is now live, and it’s a nice refresher of the trends that defined the online video industry over the past 12 months.

In the What’s Trending recap video of Tubular’s findings, host Shira Lazar highlights outstanding videos across 23 different categories. Her boyfriend, YouTube star and musician Bart Baker, shows up to offer some comic relief with a few snappy quips about each entry.


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Between the world’s biggest soccer star, a toddler who loves toys, a giggly mom, and (of course) PewDiePie, 2016’s online video tastemakers were an interesting and diverse bunch. Here’s What’s Trending and Tubular’s full list:

Top Videos & Creators of 2016

Sponsored Video of the Year

DIY Dog Bed by Nifty

  • 48.9 Million FB views

Video brand of the year

Comedy sketch of the year

  • 39.9 million views

Movie trailer of the year

Facebook Live video

Most popular children’s content on YouTube

Facebook page/star of the year

Facebook video of the year

News moment of the year

Social impact video

Cutest baby video

Fail of the Year

Vlogger Video of the Year

Animal video of the year

  • It’s impossible to resist their cuteness (1/6/16)

  • 89.3 million views

Mannequin challenge

YouTube star of the year

Music video of the year

International video

Prank of the year

Music video parody of the year

Most discussed YouTube topic of the year

  • Minecraft

    • 12.2 million videos

    • 43 billion views

    • 2.6 million creators

Cover of the Year

Wedding proposal of the year

  • 5.7 million views

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