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No one does dumb-rich quite like Coker and Stratton. After bringing us the the witty Cape Cod comedy The Other Kennedys last year, James Coker and Marshall Stratton have returned with Trump Bros, which imagines the day-to-day activities of Donald Trump’s two sons, Eric (Coker) and Donald Jr. (Stratton).

The Other Kennedys generated laughs by focusing on two protagonists who were vain, out-of-touch with reality, and not nearly as important as they’d like to believe. Trump Bros uses the same formula by visualizing Eric and Donald Jr. as brainless do-nothings who are better at getting into trouble than they are at getting stuff done. The show’s individual episodes are mostly short, one-note affairs, but the jokes land, and Coker and Stratton’s over-the-top facial expressions add to the humor. The title cards, written in the same font as the cover of The Art of the Deal, are the icing on the cake.

For Coker and Stratton, whose comedy works best when filtered through an upper-crust lens, the Trump candidacy presented a can’t-miss opportunity. I, for one, am glad they took advantage of it. If you’d like to check out Trump Bros, you might want to hurry up; after all, Eric and Donald Jr. may soon become irrelevant.


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