At press junkets, journalists and TV hosts fulfill their obligations to their viewers and employers by asking celebrities the same three questions over and over again. Now, that process — which is ripe for mockery — is the subject of a new web series called Junketeers, which comes from Comedy Central, production company Kids At Play, and Lexus’ LStudio.

Junketeers follows five members of the press who invariably run into each other at each press event that rolls through their city. Their personalities range from deeply depressive to obnoxiously bubbly, but what brings them together is their ability to annoy all the celebrities they interview. Each episode features a junket with one well-known actor, and the show’s list of guest stars includes Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Here’s the first episode, featuring Duhamel as the lead of a fictitious, Oscar-baiting sports movie:

Junketeers is many things. It is a satire of Hollywood, a sly criticism of the sort of easily-digestible soundbites junkets tend to produce, a workplace comedy, and a chance for its guests to portray over-the-top versions of themselves. More than anything, though, it is an accurate picture of life on the press circuit. Series creators Josh Horowitz and Ben Lyons have attended many junkets themselves as members of MTV and ESPN, respectively. They know how the game is played, and they’re well-positioned to poke fun at it. To see the results, head over to the Comedy Central YouTube channel, where eight episodes of Junketeers are currently available.

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