The saga of PewDiePie’s Diamond Play Button has finally come to an end — and YouTube‘s most-subscribed star captured it all in a two-part series of sorts that’s currently live on his channel. After threatening YouTube for not handing over the award — even though Kjellberg has reached the 10 million subscriber milestone four times over — he decided last Friday to deliver a brutal roast of the platform.

In yet another hoarse-voiced rant, Kjellberg took aim at YouTube Red (“Too bad Netflix is already a thing!”), YouTube Gaming (“Good thing Twitch isn’t already a thing!”), and Google+ (too bad Facebook isn’t already a thing!”). He also lambasted YouTube’s comments system, its “corrupt” search algorithm, and the 45% ad revenue cut that the platform takes from creators.

But then, in a second video, fellow gamer CinnamonToastKen (whose real name is Kenneth Morrison) arrives at Kjellberg’s house and delivers the Diamond Play Button precisely in the manner Kjellberg had initially demanded — by a beautiful bearded man on a horse with a written apology. (A tweet from YouTube of the same plush horse that Morrison rode in on suggests the company might have been in on the joke all along.)

Except, in part two of the series, Morrison is suddenly struck by jealously and steals the Diamond Play Button out of Kjellberg’s hands — whereupon they descend onto the beaches of Brighton for a duel. Check out how the two-part saga concludes below:

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