Indigenous Media, Josh Hutcherson Reveal Full Slate For Their Incubator Project

By 05/24/2016
Indigenous Media, Josh Hutcherson Reveal Full Slate For Their Incubator Project

For several months, nascent production company Indigenous Media and actor Josh Hutcherson have teased an incubator project called The Big Script, through which they would take five scripts from Hollywood’s Black List and adapt them into digital shorts. Now, titles and summaries have been provided for all five projects, with Hutcherson set to direct one of them.

As he previously discussed during the Tribeca Film Festival, Hutcherson will direct Ape, which will follow the story of a young man who suffers from schizophrenia. The other four shorts will all be directed by their respective screenwriters. The five projects included in The Big Script all feature leads in their teens and early twenties. Here, via Variety, are brief descriptions for all of them:

  • “Ape” by Jon Johnstone: To take control of his life, Travis Wilker must conquer the hallucinations that plagued his childhood.

  • “Boy in a Backpack” by Bradley Martocello: Pax signs up for a charity race with his quadriplegic brother so he can pay off a drug debt, but he soon realizes that he can’t outrun his past.

  • “Crowbar Smile” by Jamie Mayer: Nate’s simple summer job mowing the lawn of a neighbor woman leads to a life-changing encounter.

  • “Honor Council” by Scott Simonsen: A high school whodunnit about a stoner teacher and the school troublemaker as they discover what it means to be honorable.

  • “Lyra” by Djochoua Belovarski: As Earth falls apart, young-and-in-love Miriam is given an opportunity that can change her future.

While an exact release date for these projects is not currently known (Hutcherson has said to expect them sometime during the summer), their distributor is no secret. As it previously announced, Conde Nast Entertainment will distribute the Big Script shorts across its network.