A troubling trend at the NewFronts is the tendency of some brands to hype up shows that remain in production for years. When I put together our guide to the annual event, I noted how many presenters used their 2015 spiel to promote programming that, one year later, is still unreleased.

Defy Media, however, does not follow that trend. The digital studio has already rolled out all of the programming it presented in 2015, and with its latest pitch, it announced a host of new offerings, all of which it promises to produce over the next 12 months.

Defy’s business is built around its suite of owned-and-operated brands, which can use the passion of their existing viewers to build audiences for new shows. Smosh, for example, is about to celebrate its 11th year on YouTube, and it will soon direct its fans to These 5 People, a sketch series that will examine different ways to react to the same event (such as a breakup).

Other Defy brands will have the own new shows. Clevver will launch a spin-off for its Beauty Break series with Beauty Trippin’, which will examine strange fitness trends from around the globe. “We tried everything Kylie Jenner has done, except Tyga,” quipped Clevver’s Lily Marston. Meanwhile, over at AWEme, pets will dress up like famous fictional characters in Pawsplay. In total, Defy expects to produce 30 new shows over the next year, bringing its total number of original programs above 100.

As much as it tried to impress potential advertisers with its new shows, Defy promised to follow through on those projects. At least four different presenters guaranteed that every single series presented on the NewFronts stage would get made, and several of those presenters threw some shade at NewFronts brands that can’t make the same promise. “As brands,” said Defy CEO Matt Diamond, “you should hold us accountable.”

Here, via Defy, is a list of all the new programs presented at the studio’s NewFronts event:


SMOSH Summer Games 2: Camp

This summer, the SMOSH Games and SMOSH cast will unite once again and turn best friends into mortal enemies to bring you SMOSH Summer Games 2. Intense competitions, epic fails, and classic SMOSH comedy are abound during this month-long, bi-annual competition series where SMOSH takes their bizarre challenges to camp.

These 5 People

A new sketch series from SMOSH, the biggest brand in youth that chronicles all the very different, sometimes hilarious, and very natural human reactions to some of life’s biggest and most #relatable events. The series stars the ensemble SMOSH cast behind the enormously successful series “Every _ Ever” which averages over 5MM views per episode.


Beauty Trippin’

The hit series Beauty Break hits the road. Charismatic hosts, Joslyn Davis and Lily Marston take their exploration of the beauty world out of the studio to experience some of the trendiest (and oddest) beauty treatments and cutting edge health/fitness activities. From vampire facials, crystal healing and “twerk-outs,” there’s nothing weird that these hosts can’t handle.

Diss Track

Pop-culture’s greatest feuds are finally settled in the most direct way possible off their Twitter accounts—a diss track. Our amazing team of comedians and lyricists impersonate the biggest stars in music and entertainment, forcing them to finally bury the hatchet through mash-up tracks and parody music videos.


Man At Arms: Reforged with Danny Trejo

After nearly 100 weapons created, more than 100 million views, and consistently dominating the newsfeeds of gaming and geek pop-culture fans around the world, Man At Arms is bringing on a new iconic host who is known for an iconic weapon—Machete, Danny Trejo. In this new format of the hit series where our blacksmiths created weapons from popular video games, comics, movies and more, Trejo will walk viewers though history, the builds, and of course the demonstration and destruction fans love.


If two things rule the internet, it is nerds and cat videos. We combine the two in a new series that celebrates the mash up pop-culture and pets. In each episode we focus on a pet deemed as a “huge fan” of a franchise, and create a one of a kind costume for that pet to do its very own version of cosplay.

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