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As projects like Cool Freaks Wikipedia Club show, the Internet’s most popular free encyclopedia features a seemingly endless supply of interesting articles. The latest channel diving into the Wikipedia rabbit hole is Wendover Productions, which has translated unusual articles into an education web series called That Wikipedia List.

The database referenced in That Wikipedia List‘s title is this one, which catalogs hundreds of strange, unusual, and otherwise curious articles written by the site’s many editors. For each episode, Wendover selects a random article from the list and explores it in detail that goes far beyond what is written on Wikipedia. So far, in three episodes, viewers have learned about left-handed presidents, unclaimed Saharan territories, and, most recently, fake towns placed on maps in order to catch plagiarizing cartographers.

That Wikipedia List is valuable not just for the depth with which it navigates its subject, but also for the clarity it uses in presenting its topics. Each video in the series is oddly spellbinding; fire one up, and you’ll find yourself watching to the end, even if you thought you had no interest in the esoteric material Wendover is highlighting. Plus, once you’re done, you can head down into a Wikipedia rabbit hole of your own — and that activity has the potential to provide plenty of additional amusement.


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