Fund This: You Can Check Up With Your ‘5 Doctors’ On Kickstarter

By 02/17/2016
Fund This: You Can Check Up With Your ‘5 Doctors’ On Kickstarter

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Project Name: 5 Doctors

Asking For: $15,000 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $3,564

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 26

Description: For a young person living in the big city, a return trip to a hometown is a chance to see friends and catch up on their lives. Or, if you’re Spencer (Max Azulay), it’s an opportunity to avoid all those people and go visit your favorite childhood doctors instead. That line describes the basic plot of 5 Doctors, which is looking to finish its post-production by raising some funds on Kickstarter.

As we can see in a trailer, the 5 Doctors referred to in the film’s title represent one of Spencer’s comforts; they are akin to five home-cooked meals. As he visits them, he will have a number of reflective experiences, aided by his friend Jay (Matt Porter), who chauffeurs him from one appointment to the next.

5 Doctors will be produced by the team at Dial Tone Pictures, and they will have help from some well-known names in comedy, including Bobby Moynihan and Eddie Pepitone. More info about the project is available in its pitch video:

Creator Bio: Dial Tone is run by three “old friends”–Azulay, Porter, and Phil Primason–who have made short films together for years. 5 Doctors will be the studio’s first ever feature film.

Best Perk: Contribute at least $50, and you will receive an invitation to the cast and crew screening of the film. There, you can see if its creators are as funny in person as they are on screen.

Why You Should Fund It: 5 Doctors may look like a typical coming-of-age story centered around a protagonist who can’t quite find his way in life, but on the strength of its unique premise and its strong cast, it has the potential to exceed the apparently simplicity of its themes. The creators at the center of Dial Tone have established themselves with strong work; Porter in particular has been featured on this site multiple times, for both his sketch collection Good Cop Great Cop and his Comedy Central web series New Timers. At its heart, 5 Doctors is a familiar story, but the film’s creative team have plenty of space to (hopefully) make us laugh and (maybe) make us feel something along the way as well.

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