Fund This: ‘Super Science Friends’ Assemble On Kickstarter

By 02/10/2016
Fund This: ‘Super Science Friends’ Assemble On Kickstarter

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Project Name: Super Science Friends

Asking For: $103,297 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $20,491

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 6

Description: Given their penchant for manipulating elements in spectacular new ways, scientists are kind of like real-life superheroes, and that’s the vibe Super Science Friends is going for. Tinman Creative‘s animated project, which imagines famous scientists from history as epic crime fighters, is hoping to fund three new episodes after launching a compelling pilot last year.

The protagonists of Super Science Friends are familiar figures like Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin, and Marie Curie, but they’ve been souped up with special powers that match their scientific accomplishments. Tesla can conjure an electric force field, for example, while Darwin can morph into the creatures he famously studied. On the opposite side, our intrepid scientists face a parade of Nazi and Red Army thugs, and the show’s animation conjures up an old-school vibe to complement its new-school quality.

With the money they hope to raise on Kickstarter, Tinman’s creators hope to script battles that work each scientist’s rivals into the storylines. The result would be a scientific superhero universe that is at once entertaining and educational.

Creator Bio: The two people at the head of Tinman are Morghan Fortier and Brett Jubinville, who each have at least a decade of experience in the animation world. Among other shows, they worked together on Ugly Americans, which developed a cult following across two seasons on Comedy Central.

Best Perk: Contributors who chip in $35 will receive a pack of ten trading cards featuring the Super Science Friends. If you want to use those cards to create a Super Science Friends fantasy league, more power to you.

Why You Should Fund It: Good animation takes a lot of money to produce, and Tinman is asking for a significant chunk of chance in order to fund the work it wants to do. If you watch the Super Science Friends pilot, however, it becomes clear that this is a project worth supporting, and its creators deserve a chance to show us what they have in store. It is rare to find a show that combines action, artful animation, and education in one package, but Super Science Friends pulls off that triple threat. Plus, there is no short supply of nefarious scientific enemies for our heroes to combat, so it’s time to call them to action.

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