Choose Between A Jimmy Dean Sausage Or Burning Darth Vader Suit For Your Christmas Yule Log

By 12/16/2015
Choose Between A Jimmy Dean Sausage Or Burning Darth Vader Suit For Your Christmas Yule Log

As Christmas draws closer, a recently newfound online video phenomenon is transitioning from an ember of internet ephemera into a flaming institution. Interpretations of the Yule log tradition are popping up all over the web.

The latest two iterations we’ve enjoyed have come our way thanks to food brand Jimmy Dean and YouTube user BenjaminApple, who have released their own holiday Yule log videos featuring sizzling sausages and a burning Darth Vader suit, respectively.

The 11-hour branded Yule log video from Jimmy Dean literally pulls back a digital curtain to introduce viewers to a fireplace surrounded by the company’s boxed products and a tree with Jimmy Dean ornaments. In the center of the fireplace, a rack holds a cast iron skillet full of sausages, which crackle and sizzle as they slowly cook. And as if that wasn’t mouth-watering enough, Jimmy Dean’s Yule log video also makes sure to intersperse close-up shots of the browning sausages to entice viewers to go out and buy some of the meat for their own holiday festivities.


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For a completely different feel, internet users can opt for BenjaminApple’s Yule log video. That clip features five full hours of Darth Vader’s suit burning up on his funeral pyre after he saves his son Luke Skywalker from destruction on the Death Star. At first glance, the nostalgic moment in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi may seem inappropriate for a holiday Yule log video. However, it’s a cheeky (and opportunistic) nod to the fact that the newest film in the Star Wars franchise will hit theaters just a week before Christmas on December 18, 2015.

Jimmy Dean and BenjaminApple’s videos are not the first Yule log clips to catch the internet’s attention. Earlier this month, internet users obsessed over Nick Offerman’s whisky-themed Yule log featuring Diageo’s Lagavulin scotch brand. And of course, back in 2013, one of the internet’s favorite felines Lil Bub made viewers “awww” over a full hour of her purring in front of a fireplace. Of course, with internet users’ penchant for creativity, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few more Yule log videos arrived before the season is over.

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