Wired is looking into the future of consumer robotics, and along the way, it’s getting a little help from its friends. The tech publication run by Conde Nast has launched Cyborg Nation, a new web series sponsored by Reddit, hosted by Derek Muller of Veritasium, and produced by ad agency Acres.

Each episode of Cyborg Nation looks into a specific innovation in the world of cyborg technology. The premiere, for example, shows how bionic limbs are beginning to eclipse the capabilities of normal human appendages. You can find it on The Scene, where it lives next to other videos in the Conde Nast Entertainment network, or on the Wired YouTube channel.

Other installments within the six-episode series discuss topics like cyborg cockroaches and mind-controlled hardware. Amazingly, these developments all exist in real life. Somehow, they’re not concepts out of a science-fiction book. “It is an honor to tell the stories of pioneers like Hugh Herr who are advancing the human experience in such life-altering ways,” said Conde Nast Entertainment exec Michael Klein in a press release. “Working with reddit as their first entertainment partner has also been a thrill. ‘Cyborg Nation’ can inform and educate while also offering hope and inspiration.”

For Reddit, Cyborg Nation is one part of a big push into the world of online video. The “front page of the Internet” is also planning Formative, a web series about entrepreneurs. “The hundreds of thousands of communities of reddit generate more original ideas in one day than the world’s best newsroom could produce in a lifetime,” said Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in the release, “and we were excited to work with Condé Nast Entertainment and r/futurology to inspire and recommend the content for Cyborg Nation showcasing the new frontier of blending humans and technology.”

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