YouTube Network Kin Community Goes Wide With Distribution Business

By 10/13/2015
YouTube Network Kin Community Goes Wide With Distribution Business

Kin Community has already established itself on YouTube thanks to a network that includes some of the video site’s best-known stars. Now, the company that brands itself as “the global leader in women’s lifestyle” has its eyes on other platforms, too. It has announced Kin Network Distribution (KND), a “distribution business” that will bring Kin videos to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Scripps’ ULive platform, and TV.

The goal of KND is to provide new opportunities for the creators within Kin’s network while also reach new fans who might not tune in on YouTube. To help its expansion, Kin has hired Sarah Passe, who previous worked in the digital division of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA), as the head of the new venture.

“Online, over-­the-­top (OTT) and TV distribution opportunities are accelerating for digital-first, high­-quality women’s lifestyle content,” said Passe in a press release. “Kin’s mission is to empower creators to do what they love. With KND we aim to support and grow our creators’ businesses by offering them new distribution opportunities.”

Passe and her team have wasted no time disseminating Kin content across multiple platforms. Here is one of the network’s videos, from creative partner Gemma Stafford, on Amazon. The network’s ULive channel is also bustling, with plenty of food, lifestyle, and parenting videos to choose from.

In total, the creators in Kin’s network have more than 42 million subscribers between them. They combine for more than 450 million views each month, and thanks to KND, that number is about to go much higher.