Fund This: ‘I Do’ Marries Weddings To Local Culture On Kickstarter

By 07/22/2015
Fund This: ‘I Do’ Marries Weddings To Local Culture On Kickstarter

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Project Name: I Do: A Wedding of Cultures

Asking For: $7,000 on Kickstarter


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Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $1,346

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 16

Description: Looking to learn more about tying the knot? A proposed web series has the power to fill you in by looking at wedding traditions the world over. Misadventurist Media is seeking Kickstarter funds for I Do, which will show how various cultures around globe celebrate the institution of marriage.

Each episode of I Do will take viewers to a new country, where hosts Stacy Libokmeto and Benjamin J. Spencer will attend a wedding ceremony. The point, as the hosts explain it (they’re also the co-founders of Misadventurist Media) is to use marriage as a lens through which they can examine entire cultures. “The most important question for us remains: why are these traditions so important to people around the world, even in impoverished regions, that they’re willing to sacrifice so much to make them happen? Maybe weddings are about more than their superficial trappings. What if weddings are also a window into a culture, a history, a people?”

The pilot episode, which takes place in Cambodia, has already been shot, and it can be seen in the project’s pitch video.

Creator Bio: Libokmeto and Spencer are themselves a married couple, though as they explain, they did not have a formal ceremony. Some of their work can be found on their YouTube channel.

Best Perk: Backers who give $5 will receive a postcard from I Do’s hosts. Given the amount they will travel to shoot their series, the postcard could come from anywhere.

Why You Should Fund It: At its heart, I Do is a travel show, but by focusing on a particular aspect of local cultures, it has the potential to evolve beyond the sort of show you could watch in the middle of the day on cable TV. The Cambodian episode shows off plenty of bright colors and interesting characters, and the hosts clearly have great passion for the world at large. In short, I Do is a neat concept that deserves to be rendered–and there are certainly plenty of wedding traditions to explore.

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